Walter Popovich

Every piece is like a one-step outfit maker.

What is Primarie ?
Cute stuff, tie-dyed by hand. At this stage we’ve just got three hero pieces: a boyish rib-neck T-shirt, slouchy long-sleeve tee and baby onesie. Not-so-basic basics that are fun, one-of-a-kind and super easy to wear (or dress your cool kid in.)

What is the meaning behind the name ?
It’s pronounced like primary—I’m a big believer that fashion should be fun, not fussy, and every piece is like a one-step outfit maker.

How is each piece created ?
Once I have my hands on the plain tees and baby onesies, everything happens in my little apartment in Sydney! I work in batches of five or so pieces—I twist and fold to get the patterns, mix the dye to a specific colour and strength, then submerge for an hour or so. From there it’s a few different stages of rinsing so they come washed and ready to go. Because every one is individually hand-dyed each print is unique, so it’s always a bit of an adventure.

What dyes do you use ?
At the moment I use something called low-impact dye—it’s non-toxic, doesn’t contain heavy metals and doesn’t need chemicals to ‘set’ the colour. It’s much more environment-friendly than traditional formulas because the process doesn't need nearly as much water, but there’s always room for improvement: I’ve also been experimenting with natural dyes so watch this space :)

5 quick questions ^^

Ideal Sunday ?
An early coffee and dip at North Bondi or Tamarama to beat the crowds, brunch at Cornersmith in Annandale and a movie - maybe something cultured at The Golden Age in Surry Hills, or maybe blockbuster trash. Home for a nap (don’t @ me)  then having some friends over for easy dinner—I love making every minute of the weekend count, Sunday nights included.

Best coffee in Sydney ?
The filter my husband makes at home! Followed closely by a strong batch brew at Pablo & Rusty’s or Goodbye Horses.


Favourite Australia/New Zealand brand ?
I’m obsessed with Lee Mathews at the moment, everything is so easy but elevated. Matteau for ultra-chic swim and Valet for the hair clips of my dreams.

Favourite Australian Film ?
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The costumes! The soundtrack! Baby Guy Pearce! It’s totally bonkers, but so charming.

Primarie in 3 words….
Cool, easy, essential.