Holly Ryan


Tell us the journey of Holly Ryan?
I started my jewellery label in my final year of studying Fashion at QUT in 2010. The brand is now 7 years old. I started creating sculptures as an interesting way to display my jewellery at Fashion week presentations and am now represented by Jerico Contemporary as a sculptor. My first solo exhibition opened on the 8th of February and is almost sold out. I am incredibly humbled by the amazing opportunities that have come my way so far in my career. However, I know that I have only just begun to scratch the surface with endless possibilities in both design and art.


How would you describe your brand in 3 words?
Art-driven, artisanal and sustainable.

How do you choose what materials you use for your jewellery?
All of the metals we use are recycled sterling silver or gold, we use precious and semi-precious gemstones and aim to keep everything as sustainable and ethical as possible.

What is unique about the fashion industry in Australia in your opinion?
Our lifestyle and dress sense is so laid-back due to the climate which means we wear a lot of simplistic and comfortable clothing such as denim and tees or slip dresses and this leaves a lot of room for statement jewellery and accessories to elevate each look.

Where do you go for inspiration?
Galleries, museums, books and nature.



When are you feeling most creative?
When I have no design in mind and I just make for the sake of making. I always come up with my best designs when I give myself this freedom to create without restrictions.

What does slow fashion mean to you and how do you engage in this movement?
It means buying less but buying well. Investing in timeless and high quality pieces that have been made ethically by hand and with love.

Tell us about your exhibition with Jerico Contemporary.
My current exhibition of sculptures is titled 'A carved revelation'. I carved my sculptures by hand from sandstone and hebel and the bases are made from blue gum or cypress pine connected by steel rods.

The concept behind these works are representations of the face and the many faces we wear in our relationships, whether that be your relationship with yourself, a partner, friend or family member. All of the faces depict the different emotions I feel and have felt in my own relationships. The exhibition is open until Saturday the 24th of Feb and the show is almost sold out.


Photographer: Natalie McKain
Stylist: Brigitte Hill
MUAH: Carly Lim
Model: Shimma